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Agarwal Samaj Indonesia is international chapter of Agarwal Samaj India. It is a mission to connect every member to become partner to create an international stage of Agarwals to share , engage for social , economic empowerment of each member. ASI members are from 18 Gotra of Maharaja AGRASEN ji family , start working in 2012 as social organization with current membership is 70 family surrounding Jakarta. Major festivals celebrated Diwali , Holi and Teej . The ASI Committee comprise of president , Vice President , and six committee members , will serve for 3 years.


Name of the Head: Vijay Agrawal


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 8161821660

Email ID:[email protected]




Engaged in various socio-cultural functions, family entertainment programmes including sports,
celebrating major Indian festivals. It also carries out various Embassy related functions


Name of the Head: Narendra Shandilya


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 818219005

Email ID:[email protected]


Jt. Presidents : Mr. Sunit Srivastav
HP: 081320383786
Email: [email protected] and
Mr. M. R. Krishnamurthy
HP : 0811229304
Email: [email protected]


Office Address :
Bharat Club Bandung,
Setra duta permai IV,
Blok M3-15 Komplex setra Duta,
[email protected]



Name of the Head: Sonia Kaur


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 811325179

Email ID:[email protected]



Name of the Head: Shyam Jethnani


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 811878797

Email ID: [email protected]



Name of the Head: A.S. Kobalan


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 81808840605

Email ID:[email protected]



Name:Mr. Jignesh Shah


Contact Details

Mobile No:085813112105

Email ID:[email protected]


Name:Mr. Vipul Taker


Contact Details

Mobile No:081290877733

Email ID: [email protected]



President: Amol Titus


Vice President and Treasurer: Vijay Agarwal


Contact Details

Email:[email protected], [email protected]

Mobile: 08161821660




India Club-Jakarta is non-profit organization established as Perkumpulan in Jakarta-Indonesia. The Club is supporting & promoting Indian Culture & arts; Festivals; Artists etc. for local as well as India community in Indonesia. India Club also acts as bridge for India-Indonesia business partnership for various corporates & entrepreneurs. India Club is established since 1981, with 400 + family members (as on Jan 19) and reaches out to over 4000 Indian families in Indonesia (through social media).


India Club has been a medium to showcase vibrant Indian culture in Indonesia. The theme behind it is to keep everyone connected and well informed, exchange cultural ideas and beliefs, learning from one another, meeting with old and new friends and most of all creating an atmosphere of friendliness and belonging.


Name of the Head: Shanthi Seshadiri


Contact Details

Email ID:[email protected]


Name of the contact person: Ms. Anas

Tel No: 021 30015666

Email: [email protected]


Office address :
India Club
Menara Kuningan,
9th floor, Unit Djl. H.R. Rasuna Said, No. 5, Kuningan,

Jakarta 12950,Indonesia
E-mail:[email protected]




Indian Association of Surabaya (IAS), as the name suggests, is the Association of Indians in Surabaya-Indonesia engaged in various socio-religious activities among the NRIs / PIOs. It also coordinates between NRIs / PIOs and the Indian Embassy at Jakarta and supports Indians at Distress.


It was established in 1990. It is non- profit organization. It is not registered so far but planning to register in 2020. It comprises of 80+ members in Surabaya and surrounding Surabaya. As it is a small group of Indians, the members are from all states of India.


IAS plans a get together at least once in 2 months and sometimes every month also. Major functions celebrated on a large scale are Sankranti, Food festival, Holi, Cultural & Flower parade, International Yoga Day, Indian Independence day, Sports day Navratri and Diwali.


The Elected Executive Committee comprises of President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary, Treasurer, and Auditor. The executive committee will serve for 2 years.


Name of the Head: Manojit Das


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 811 301 6699

Email ID: [email protected]




Indonesia Tamil Sangam (I.T.S) is a non-profit organisation legally registered as Perkumpulan Indonesia Tamil Sangam. ITS was established during Year 2011 and has completed 8 yrs. ITS has around 400 Families registered as Members.

ITS works towards the following Mission :

  • To promote closer understanding among the expatriate Tamil community and the migrant Tamils living in Indonesia.

  • To uphold the values of ancient Tamil Language, arts and culture by way of conducting events.


The Objectives of ITS are

  • To cultivate, promote and foster the exchange, sharing and understanding between the Tamil/Indian culture and the Indonesian culture.

  • To actively promote, encourage and facilitate the youth of Tamil community to learn Tamil language and the deep roots of the rich Tamil culture.

  • To celebrate Tamil festivals so that the youth of Tamil community can participate and continue these traditions over succeeding generations.


To achieve the above objectives, ITS does the below activities:

  • ITS conducts free Tamil Language classes once a week at JNICC.

  • ITS has established a Tamil Library at JNICC

  • ITS conducts cultural programs to enhance interest in culture among the community.


Name of the Head: Chandrasekaran Rajalingam


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 816999143

Email ID:[email protected], [email protected]

Website: www.indonesiatamilsangam.com




Indonesia Telugu Association (ITA) was established in Sep 2014, the members of ITA comprises NRI/POI residing in Jaboktek area and other provinces of Indonesia. Our Assoication was established based on linguistic lines, representing TELUGU Language & Culture , having members mostly from Telugu speaking states in India like Andhra Pradesh , Telangana & few members other parts of India. We Celebrate every year 2 or 3 Telugu festivals Ugadi, Vana bhojanalu , Deepavali and 1 or 2 Charity events to support Indonesian Community. ITA team conduct telugu language classes on every friday evening at some of our community members residences in Taman Rasuna Appartment , TKC Appartment & Bogor


Mission : “The primary mission of ITA is the promotion and perpetuation of Telugu language and culture by organizing social and cultural events, celebrating major Telugu festivals, teaching the Telugu language to children, participation and sponsorship of charitable causes. Membership to ITA is open to anyone who had an interest in Telugu language and culture".


Name of the Head: Umamahesh Gondi


Office Address : Taman Rasuna, Kuningan


Contact Details

Mobile: 0815-84022628

Email ID:[email protected]

Website : www.indonesiateluguassoication.com



Name of the Head: Mrs. Rachna Jain


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 815-8535-6037

Email ID:[email protected]




JABA, the acronym of Jakarta Bengali Association, based in Jakarta is a home away from home for all Bengalis in Indonesia. We are a congregation of all like-minded Bengalis, united in the common cause of maintaining and promoting the rich heritage of Bengal, in Indonesia through social and cultural events throughout the year with the support of Indian Embassy and other friends.

JABA is a non-profit organization established 37 years ago primarily for organizing Bengali tradition of Durga Puja. Later on, it has embraced other activities like Laxmi Puja, Saraswati Puja and Rabindra Jayanti along with active participation in other Indian social activities like Diwali Mela & India Mela. JABA also actively contributes to the Indonesian society by way of charitable donations to organizations like International Hope Foundation who work for improvement of education among the masses. The Elected Executive Committee comprises of President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Coordinator.


We are committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment in Indonesia for all of its patrons, young and old, who are bound by the common interest to perform their duties as ideal citizens of the community through various cultural and charitable events.


President: Subrata Mukhopadhyay

Vice President: Tapan Sanigrahi


Contact Details

Mobile No:+6285695468416

Email ID:[email protected]


JASHAN,SEMARANG(Indian Association, Semarang)


Jashan is a community group formed by Non-Resident Indians living in and around Semarang City. This group is formed to interact on socio-religious activities. We coordinate our club functions along with Indians living in Solo and Yogyakarta. Members of Jashan group are from various parts of India and of various religions and that is why we celebrate all the festivals together.


We get-together and celebrate Diwali, Holi, Dandiya, Pongal, Eid and other functions. We also organize family gatherings and sports day for kids time to time. Sometimes we organize special Indian movie shows in Semarang. With the help Indian Embassy, Jashan team helps NRIs/PIOs living in and around Semarang with their problems during their stay in Indonesia. We also assist Indian Embassy on various Indian Embassy related programs. Jashan members encourage cultural ties with local communities.


We have about 70+ registered members and few other non-registered members who participates in club functions. Our executive committee, consists of President, General Secretary, Cultural Secretary and Treasurer.


Name of the Head: Ravi Govil


Contact Details

Tel No:+62-81325276376

Email ID:[email protected], [email protected]


Office address :
D-10, Srondol Bumi Indah, Jl.





Kerala Samajam Indonesia (KSI) is a social and cultural organization, whose members are citizens of Indian descent from the KERALA state. This organization, which was established in Jakarta since 2013, was formed with the intention of creating harmonious relations between the people from Kerala. This multi-faith member organization, from the beginning always gathered together to celebrate each of their cultural festivals and conduct routine social services and community service activities in Indonesia.


Following are some of the activities organized by KSI in Indonesia. 

  • Celebrating cultural festivals in Kerala, India.

  • Organize an annual member meeting and elect a new board every two years.

  • Arrange regular visits to orphanages, old age homes and social service foundations around JABODETBEK and provide material and non-material assistance.

  • Sponsoring the education costs of orphans in selected orphanages / foundations. 

  • Extend possible help and assistance at the times of natural calamities happening in India.

  • Helping members or their families or anyone who needs medical emergency support including financial assistance and other facilities. 

  • Fully standardized assistance in cases of death of its members or family members in Indonesia, to arrange formalities and legal documentation needed and then transport the bodies to their hometowns or to arrange funeral arrangements in Indonesia etc. 

  • Support and motivate athletes and artists from India, when major events are held in Indonesia (such as Asian Games etc.). 

  • Coordinate with the Indian Embassy and other Indian communities, during visits by ministries from India. 

  • Coordinate with other regional organizations from India for general social purposes.

  • Last but most important, promoting Indonesia to Indians, so as to increase trade and tourism between the two countries.


Name of the Head: Mr. Benni Mathew Vazhappillil


Contact Details

Tel No:+62811734928

Email ID:[email protected]

Website: www.keralasamajamindonesia.com


Office address :
The Royale Springhill Residences,
Apartment Tower Lavender Unit 5K,

Jakarta Utara 14410,




Name of the Head: SHAILENDRA HALBE


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 818222214

Email ID:[email protected]




Opening the cultural activities of every year on Nov 1st, being the Karnataka state formation day, Suvarna Kannada Sangha ( SKS ) Indonesia, is an informal association of Kannadiga families living in Indonesia, modestly begun more than 30 years ago. The undying spirit of brotherhood, good amenability among the members and ever ready initiatives and volunteering, keep us going harmoniously making SKS an unique entity.


It aims to promote and preserve “ Kannada “ the language of the state and its rich cultural heritage. SKS has organized music and other entertainment programs featuring artists from Karnataka. Apart from social gatherings during -Rajyotsava, Deepawali, Makar Sankranti, Ugadi, Gauri-Ganeshotsava, Dasara and an annual grand outing , SKS has always been in the forefront in extending its helping hand to fellow humans during natural calamities and in genuine difficulties.


Engaging in community services, SKS promotes multiculturalism with continued support from other Indian associations and local community. SKS hopes to grow and flourish into a thriving organisation and achieve its objectives and expand its activities to newer horizons in the future along with its motherland.


Name of the Head: Mr. Adivesh Ellali


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 811 8598 585

Email ID:[email protected]




Name of the Head: Ashok Dhyani


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 8118406861

Email ID:[email protected]




In the 1920s a shipping company by the name of Blue Funnel Line was operating from Tanjung Priok harbor. It hired around 20 security workers at the time, they all happen to be Sikhs. In 1925 the families of these Sikhs with other residents of Indian decent collected money to purchase land for building the first Gurdwara. The foundation for the shrine which later came to be known as the as Guru Nanak Sikh Temple was laid on 1st May 1925.


Initially the building was built using wood and later on was fortified with bricks. The Gurdwara since the beginning of its time has been serving Langgar and doing Kirtan weekly. The shrine has stood its test of time and continued these traditions through difficult times like the dutch and Japanese army occupation and the second world war. In 1995 the land was acquired by the government and a new location where the Gurdwara now stands was allotted in its place. The Gurdwara relocated to the new location on the 14th April 1999.


On every Thursday and Sunday the Gurdwara continues to do Langgar and Kirtan. Every major Indian festival from Diwali to Gurpurab is celebrated in the Gurdwara with great zeal. The Gurdwara also accommodates children during camps for children known as Samelan. The grounds and halls of the Gurdwara has conducted many auspicious occasions like weddings, religious prayers on the occasion of birth and death are conducted here as well. The Gurdwara is a place where people of all generations meet weekly.


The Gurdwara is run by a committee. The head of the committee is elected by the member every second year. The Elected Executive Committee comprises of President, Vice Presidents, General Secretary, and Tresurer



Name of the Head: Mr Sukhjinder Singh Gill


Contact Details

Mobile No:+62 8589095442

Email ID:[email protected]




President :Mr. Bhoopindra Singh


Contact Details

Mobile no: 08161906026

Email id: [email protected]


Secretary :Mr. Gursharan Singh


Contact Details

Mobile no: 081514704235

Email id: [email protected]


Contact person :Mr. Manmohan Singh Johal


Contact Details

Mobile no: 0816807234

Email id: [email protected]




Indian Expatriates Association Medan IEAM was formed on 9th March 2016. The association is recognized by The Consulate General of India in Medan.

Executive Body IEAM comprises of :

President Convener
Cultural Convener
Social & Charity Convener
General Secretary

We have Executive Advisor to guide us on various important aspects. We have Sports Committee, Picnic Committee and Economic & Commerce committee which work effectively for their respective functions. We have around 100 Plus members.

IEAM Activities in past Since 2016:

IEAM has achieved many milestones by active participation in Indian Cultural Programs, having a lot of Charity Activities, Connecting to the Local Indian & Indonesian communities. We have organized Cultural Events like Diwali & Holi, We also contributed in the Cultural events organized by CGI Medan on Diwali, Holi & also The National Day Programs like Independence Day, Republic Day & Gandhi Jayanti. We have done Charity activities with our own capacity & also in collaboration with CGI Medan & Dr's Koffie Foundation like Donating 800 Kgs. of Rice to Victims of the Sinabung volcano irruption, Donating eatables to a local orphan house, Donating toys to the kids of weaker section of the society & few more activities like this. We have also organized some Indian Fashion shows for Kids. On one of the Republic Day celebrations, Our Fashion show "Unity in Diversity" showcasing the cultural dresses of various states under the leadership of CGI Medan, will always be remembered in the times to come. Our Play "Aayie apne samvidhan ko jaane" & "Gandhi ek Vichardhara" performed on Republic Day & Independence Day in 2019, under the Leadership of CGI Medan, were liked by the masses. We have also organized Diwali Events in collaboration with various local Schools to showcase our Rich Indian Culture. We are thankful to The Consulate General of India in Medan for their continuous support to us.

Name of the Head:
Mr. Ashish Sharma
President Convener
Indian Expatriates Association Medan IEAM


Contact Details

Mobile No (HP & WA ) : +62 8116140623

Email ID : [email protected] , [email protected]

Facebook Page :

IEAM FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/IEAM-163981463988726/

Ashish Sharma's FB Page : https://m.facebook.com/ashishsharmapoeticsaga/



Indonesia Odia Samaj (IOS) is a small Odia people’s society here in Jakarta, Indonesia, has been working towards bringing together the Odia community in Indonesia region. It organizes functions like Utkal Divas, Pakhala Divas, Makar Milan and many more to bring together the art, culture, dance, music, food, etc. here in Indonesia (Jakarta) where you are welcome to participate and feel the pride of being an Odia & promote our Odia culture while you are away from motherland – the beautiful state Odisha.

The feeling of brotherhood among us coupled with supporting and peace-loving nature of our fraternity, hardworking instinct and living in a diverse cultural environment spreading from KBK in the south to Rourkela in the north to Cuttack, Bhubaneswar in the middle to Puri, Balasore in the east & Sambalpur in the west. We miss every bit of Odisha while staying & working here in Indonesia. The idea of Indonesia Odia Samaj (IOS) is to bring about the change in the feeling among all of us by bringing us together, thus enabling a movement for the first time in this region to tell our friends from other fraternity that “WE ODIAS ARE ALWAYS TOGETHER”.

Vision of Indonesia Odia Samaj :

  1. To promote the cultural exchanges prevailing between Indonesia and Kalinga State of India (Odisha).
  2. To conduct Odia festivals and also showcase cultural programs inorder for the Kids from the Odias residing here can learn and be a per of the richness we have within our culture since history.

President: Subhendu Mishra

Vice President: Saroj Kumar Mohanty

Secretary : Sasank Sekhar Padhi

Mobile Number: 0818 0305 0318 / President

Email ID:[email protected]




Apno Rajasthan (Rajasthan Association) was founded in 2018. This is the group for people belonging to Rajasthan, and has 120+ members as of 2022.


Contact details:

Name : Yashwant Lodha

Founder Member of Apno Rajasthan, Jakarta

mobile : (+62 ) 081.123.0282

Email id :[email protected]


Name: Santosh Jaiswal

Founder Member of Apno Rajasthan, Jakarta

mobile : (+62) 0817.168.721

Email id: [email protected]