Paspor – Baru/Pembaharuan Visa & Passport




1.  To Fill online application form please click this link Please choose the online registration option.


2. After filling of details in the form please take print out of application, sign in the box, and paste 2 inch x 2 inch, light background with 80% face area and showing shoulders.


3. Attach copy of passport (first page and last page), copy of KITAS/residence permit. Please bring original passport and KITAS.


4. Please fill the details as per passport and attach proof, if details in any column are different from current passport or any change is required.


5 Do not leave 2nd page blank. Please fill/write NA in all the columns.


6. For Minor’s passport attach copies applicant’s passport, parent’s passport (mother and Father) and KITAS copies along with originals


7. Passports are reissued on expiry of final validity (can be done one year before expiry), on exhaustion of visa pages, damage or loss, appearance/particulars change, etc.


8.Applicant is requested to bring the copy of passport renewal/minor/newborn checklist and make sure that all the documents are complete.