Advisory for Resident Indian Companies Trade & Commerce

Advisory for Resident Indian Companies

          In a recent incident in Pekanbaru, Riau, representatives of an Indian company based in Jakarta were detained by Pekanbaru City Immigration on the ground that they were not carrying their passports, even though they were in possession of their Kitas and copies of their passports. The matter was finally resolved with the company representatives being issued a Warning Letter by Pekanbaru Immigration. In their letter Pekanabaru Immigration instructed them to carry their passports in future whenever they travel in Indonesia. 
      Clarification is being sought on this issue from official channels.  However until such time, as a matter of abundant caution, all Indian citizens in Indonesia are hereby advised to carry their passports, along with Kitas, during their travels to other provinces in Indonesia.
      It is further requested that whenever one is confronted with such problems, the Embassy or concerned Consulate in Medan or Bali may be contacted immediately.
Advisory for Resident Indian Companies