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Resolution of Trade Dispute

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Advisory on Trade Dispute Resolution 


In case an Indian Company doing business with a Company based in Indonesia is faced with any trade dispute, all possible help would be extended by the Embassy of India in Jakarta to the aggrieved party to try and get the dispute resolved. 


The complaint by an Indian company regarding any trade dispute pertaining to a company located Indonesia may be sent to Commercial Section of the Embassy addressed to [email protected] with a copy to [email protected]. 


Upon receipt of the request for resolution of the trade dispute from the complainant, the Embassy acknowledges the receipt of the application and requests the complainant to provide the relevant information pertaining to the case. 


1.    First Stage: After preliminary examination of the complaint the Embassy requests the accused Company to provide an explanation regarding the complaint within two weeks 


In case a reasonable response is received from the accused company, the same is communicated to the Indian Complainant.  


2.    Second Stage: If still unresolved, the complaint is forwarded to KADIN (Indonesia Chamber of Commerce) and APINDO (The Employers' Association of Indonesia) with a request to take up the matter through appropriate channels and impress upon the local company to resolve the matter. A response is requested to be provided to the Embassy within three-four weeks.  


In some cases, upon intervention by local authorities Indonesian companies tend to pro-actively look into the matter for early resolution. The response is communicated to the Complainant as soon as it is received.  


3.    Third Stage: In case the matter still remains unresolved, the Embassy requests the Complainant to take up the matter through judicial process/litigation as per the local laws. If requested by the Complainant, the Embassy can provide the contacts of local lawyers for taking the case further.  


At each stage of the dispute resolution the complainant is kept informed by the Embassy and is extended all possible help. 

Resolution of Trade Dispute