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Logo Design Competition by the Governments of India and Indonesia

In Commemoration of 75 Years of Diplomatic Relations


In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and India, which will fall in 2024, the governments of the two countries have agreed to jointly hold a logo design competition.

Competition Contents:

Creation of the logo "Celebrating 75 Years of India-Indonesia Diplomatic Relations" 

(A logo symbolizing the friendly relations between India and Indonesia with a design that can be used for publications and promotions)


  • Winners will be announced on the websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of India, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, the Indian Embassy in Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy in India, and the Consulates General of both countries.
  • The winner of the Best Design (+1 person) will receive a prize in the form of a round-trip plane ticket from Indonesia to India.

Registration Guide:

  • Qualification Criteria: Open to Indian Citizens or Indonesian Citizens
  • The deadline for submitting works is December 10 2023, 23:59 local time (WIB/IST).
  • Registration guide:
    • Each person can only register 1 (one) design. Entries will only be accepted/registered via the email address:   logoindiaindonesia75@gmail.com
    • The registration form and undertaking can be downloaded here:  REGISTRATION FORM AND UNDERTAKING - 75IndiaIndonesia.pdf
    • Acceptable design formats are in the form of .png, .jpg, .jpeg or .pdf, minimum file size 10 MB, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi (can be printed in A4 size) (Selected participants will likely be asked to  perfect the design format by the jury ) .
    • A brief explanation and background of the design created can be written in Hindi, Indonesian or English on the registration form Explanation and background of the work will be announced when the winner is announced) .
    • Designs can be submitted in 2 (two) versions: Full Color/FC (no limit on the number of colors or gradations) and Black & White/BW.
    • Logo data must be original and never published in any country.
    • Designs that have been sent and accepted by the committee cannot be withdrawn/canceled.

Vital Records:

  1. Please include an alternative telephone number or email (if applicable).
  2. The winning design will be featured on the website mentioned above. If participants object to the disclosure of their personal information, such as name, etc., this objection can be stated in "Other information" in the Registration Form column or in the body of the email. If there is no similar statement, the committee will consider it a statement of approval regarding the inclusion of personal information on the organizer's social media.
  3. ​In your email, please include the following documents as attachments:
  • Registration form complete with signed undertakings , then scanned in PDF format;
  • Data logo design in 2 versions, FC and BW.